Frequently Asked Questions

At MACS Auto we receive many questions regarding mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration. See below for some of our more frequently asked questions. For more information, have a look at our MACS Auto booklet.

Is it necessary to service a vehicle air-conditioner?2020-01-20T09:57:09+02:00

Yes, road air-conditioners should be serviced once a year and off-road air-conditioners every few months depending on the conditions operated in.

Where are the MACS Auto branches situated?2020-01-20T09:51:25+02:00

MACS Auto has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Nelspruit.

Do you deliver to customers?2019-09-26T10:31:35+02:00

Please contact your local branch for localised delivery times.

Do you import your gas?2020-01-20T09:52:59+02:00

MACS Auto is one of the largest importers of gas in the Southern African region. We have been importing for years and have strict regulations as to receiving a Test Certificate with every consignment.

MACS Auto does random checks on gas to ensure the purity. Impure gas can cause extensive damage to refrigeration systems, compressors in vehicles, etc. resulting in thousands of Rands claims. Contact your local branch for products to test gas or assistance in this matter.

What industries does MACS Auto service?2020-01-20T09:53:48+02:00

We specialise in the mobile air-conditioning component industry. We offer virtually everything you need to service and repair a car, truck, bus and mining vehicle air-conditioner.

Do you stock compressors?2020-01-20T09:55:25+02:00

Yes, we have a full range of automotive compressors (vehicle specific and universal types) such as Denso, Sanden, etc. Please contact our sales people for further details.

Does MACS Auto offer warranties on its products?2020-01-20T09:58:49+02:00

We do have warranties on items such as compressors, condensers etc. Like any company the customer needs to complete a form on receipt of the product. You can view our warranty policy here.

Do you offer training?2019-09-26T10:29:58+02:00

We offer automotive air-conditioning training at our Johannesburg training centre. Contact your local branch for more information.

Do you supply to neighbouring countries?2020-01-20T10:00:40+02:00

Yes, MACS supplies many customers across our borders. Please contact your local branch or our Export Division on (011) 4980700 or export@macsauto.co.za or export2@macsauto.co.za for more information.

If you have a question then please contact us or call us on +27 87 820 2222 and we will gladly be of further assistance.

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