Automotive Air-conditioning

Our Product Range

We stock a wide range of products for the automotive air-conditioning repair centre, servicing our customers with local stock availability across the country!


Automotive air conditioning compressors (belt driven and electric) and spares


Vehicle condensers, evaporators, and heaters

Refrigerant (Gas)

Automotive air conditioning refrigerant (gas) and oils

Electric AC Units

Vehicle electric driven roof and split mount air conditioning units


Vehicle driers and accumulators

AC Tools & Equipment

Automotive air conditioning tools and equipment

Expansion Valves

Vehicle expansion and orifice valves

Hose & Pipe

Automotive air conditioning hose, heat shield, and fittings

Retrofit Kits

Automotive air conditioning retrofit kits

Blowers & Fans

Automotive blower motor assemblies and fans

Theromostats & Switches

Automotive resistors, switches, thermostats, and transducers


Oils, dyes and flushing fluids

We stock the following Brands

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