Vehicle Expansion & Orifice Valves

Expansion Valves

Automotive expansion valves are integral components of the air conditioning system, responsible for controlling and regulating its performance. Their role within the car’s A/C loop encompasses several crucial functions:

The expansion valve plays a pivotal role in managing the drop in pressure within the air-conditioning system, which is essential for evaporating the refrigerant and generating cold air for cooling purposes.

Similarly, an orifice tube, akin to an expansion valve, fulfils a significant function in the vehicle’s A/C system. It assists in controlling the flow of refrigerant through the evaporator, the primary cooling component of the system. The orifice tube ensures a higher flow of refrigerant during periods when increased cooling is required, and a smaller flow when less cooling is needed. This precise balancing of the cooling flow is fundamental for the A/C system to function optimally and provide effective cooling throughout the vehicle’s cabin.

From driers and accumulators through to expansion valves and orifice valves for passenger, commercial, heavy-duty vehicles… We stock them!

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