Oils, dyes and flushing fluids

MACS Auto also carries a range of chemicals, dyes, oils, and O-rings that will make the identifying and solving of problems in the air conditioning system a formality. Where there is a problem, we should have a solution.

Our range of oils consists of various viscosities of Ester, Pag (134a and 1234yf), Mineral and vacuum pump oil. We also carry various additives to enhance and purify refrigerant (gas) and oils in an air conditioning system.

We have the dyes and leak detectors, including ultraviolet torches, to find leaks and we have the sealants to stop leaks too. When servicing an air conditioning system, the system should always be flushed clean, and we have the solvent and the machines that do that effectively.

We have O-ring kits, universal and vehicle specific, for compressors, condensers, evaporators, and fittings, in other words wherever they are needed. In addition, we have solutions to disinfect the cabin interior and to clean the exterior of condensers and evaporators. Need to get rid of unwelcome odours inside the vehicle cabin? We can help you with that too.