Automotive Air Conditioning Hose, Heat Shield & Fittings

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The automotive air-conditioning hose, heat shield and fittings are essential components in air conditioning systems, whether for automobiles or domestic use. The air conditioning hose, constructed with a robust textile-reinforced rubber material and a thick inner liner, plays a vital role in carrying refrigerant and lubricant between various components within vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and heavy equipment.

Air conditioning hose assemblies are designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of refrigerant and lubricant, ensuring the efficient operation of mobile air conditioning systems. These assemblies generally consist of both a pressure line and a return line, effectively managing the flow and circulation of the refrigerant and oil.

To safeguard the aircon rubber hoses from potential damage, particularly from excessive heat, a heat shield is employed. This protective shield serves to shield the hoses from areas within the engine bay where they might be near excessive heat like the exhaust manifold, thus preventing heat absorption and preserving their integrity and enhancing the overall longevity and reliability of the air conditioning system.

The hose is useless unless you have the fittings on the hose ends that allow leak free and easy connection to the various air conditioning components that make up the system. MACS Auto have a full range of steel and aluminium fittings, crimp and adaptors, with metric and SAE threads. We are a proud supplier of Galaxy Hose and Kuhl Drive Hose.

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