MACS Auto is renowned as the largest after-market supplier of automotive air conditioning components, air-conditioning tools, and equipment, catering to a broad spectrum of industries within South Africa and its bordering countries. Our expertise and comprehensive range of products ensure optimal cooling solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector we serve. Here’s how we’re making an impact:


Forestry vehicles and equipment operate in some of the most challenging environments. MACS Auto provides durable, high-performance air conditioning systems to ensure operator comfort and safety, enhancing productivity in the forestry industry.

Automotive Independent Aftermarket

We lead the market in supplying air conditioning components and tools for all types of vehicles. Whether it’s for repair or upgrade, MACS Auto ensures vehicles remain cool and comfortable, enhancing the driving experience.


Supporting the infrastructure of municipalities, we supply air conditioning solutions for a variety of municipal vehicles, including service trucks and public transport, ensuring the comfort of operators and the public alike.


In the demanding agricultural sector, our air conditioning systems help maintain a comfortable cabin environment in tractors and harvesters, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency during long working hours.

Recreational and Tourism Vehicles

From safari vehicles to tour buses, MACS Auto enhances the travel experience with superior air conditioning systems, ensuring passengers enjoy their journey in comfort, regardless of the outdoor temperatures.


We provide specialized air conditioning solutions for ground support vehicles in the aviation industry, ensuring a comfortable working environment for crews and a pleasant waiting environment for passengers.

Cash in Transit

Security vehicles benefit from our reliable air conditioning systems, ensuring the comfort and vigilance of personnel during the transport of valuable assets.


Our robust air conditioning systems for military vehicles are designed to operate in extreme conditions, providing relief to personnel and ensuring operational readiness.

Bus and Coach

MACS Auto offers advanced cooling solutions for buses and coaches, ensuring passenger comfort on every journey, from short city routes to long-distance travel.

Commercial Freight Forwarding

We supply air conditioning systems for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight forwarding vehicles, ensuring goods are transported in optimal conditions and drivers maintain comfort over long hauls.


Mining equipment and vehicles operate under some of the harshest conditions. Our air conditioning solutions help mitigate the extreme heat and dust, providing a safer and more comfortable working environment.


Construction vehicles equipped with our air conditioning systems ensure that operators can work in comfort, boosting productivity and morale on construction sites.

Custom Builds

MACS Auto excels in providing custom air conditioning solutions for unique vehicle builds and applications, meeting specific cooling requirements across various industries.

At MACS Auto, we understand the critical role of reliable air conditioning in enhancing operational efficiency and comfort across diverse industries. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and comprehensive after-market support makes us a trusted partner in South Africa and beyond.