Vehicle Driers & Accumulators

Driers & Accumulators

Automotive driers and accumulators play vital roles in safeguarding and optimising the performance of the car’s air conditioning system.

The receiver drier is strategically positioned between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve inlet on the high-pressure side of the A/C loop. It serves as a protective component for all other parts within the system. Its primary function is to remove moisture and contaminants from the refrigerant, ensuring its smooth flow and preventing potential damage to the system’s components.

Conversely, the car air conditioning accumulator is located on the low-pressure side of the circuit, precisely between the evaporator outlet and the compressor suction port. This component fulfils various crucial roles, including protecting the compressor and preventing any potential compressor failures that may result from the harmful effects of liquid slugging (cavitating). By maintaining a consistent flow of refrigerant to the compressor, the accumulator helps optimize the system’s overall efficiency and performance.

From driers and accumulators through to expansion valves and orifice valves, for passenger, commercial, heavy-duty vehicles… We stock them!

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