Vehicle Condensers, Evaporators & Heaters


The vehicle condenser serves as a vital heat exchanger and is usually positioned in a cooling air flow. Its primary function is to cool down the refrigerant, which has been heated up by the compressor, and facilitate its transformation into a liquid state through a process called condensation. This cooling process occurs as the condenser efficiently transfers the refrigerant’s heat to the ambient air flowing through it.

We have a wide range of condensers available for passenger, commercial, heavy-duty and universal applications.

Condenser Notes:

  1. Always replace the condenser when replacing the compressor.
  2. Parallel flow condensers cannot be flushed.
  3. Regularly clean the outside of the condenser with a suitable cleaner* to improve heat transfer.
  4. Use a fin comb* to straighten the external fins and promote air flow through the condenser, thus improving heat transfer.

* Available from MACS Auto.

Evaporators & Heaters

The primary function of the evaporator is to absorb heat and eliminate humidity from the air. It achieves this by working in tandem with the expansion valve and blower fan, effectively circulating cool air throughout the car’s interior. Often referred to as the coil or core, the evaporator serves as a medium for accommodating refrigerant (gas) that is transformed into a mist or cold vapor within the car’s air conditioning system.

On the other hand, vehicle heaters are responsible for warming the interior during cold weather conditions. They use the heat generated from the engine coolant to warm the air, providing a cosy environment for the occupants. The blower fan then distributes the heated air throughout the car’s cabin, ensuring a comfortable ride in chilly temperatures.

We stock vehicle specific heating and cooling evaporators for passenger, commercial and heavy-duty applications, as well as universal units.


  1. Always replace expansion valves, orifice tubes and driers when a system is opened.
  2. Evaporators cannot be flushed.
  3. The tonnage and super heat of the expansion valve must always match the one replaced.
  4. MACS Auto carries a full range of solenoid valves, switches, thermostats, relays, hoses, fittings etc. for all the above applications.
Condensors, Evaporators & heaters