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Fan Evaporators & Blower Motors

MACSauto has a wide range of Fans, Evaporators and Blower Motors suitable for all popular makes of automobiles.

Ventilation is a vital part of any storage area. It is with the use of only the finest fans and associated systems that you can maintain the best quality of air within your storage facilities. Without the proper ventilation your stored goods risk being spoiled. Through the use of fans indoor air is circulated and/or replaced by outside air. The outside air passes through the fan system which includes filters and refrigeration components to maintain the optimal air temperature.

By using fans to maintain a high level of indoor air quality you extend the life of your stored goods. This is achieved due to several elements that fans help control:

  • Humidity
  • Oxygen replenishment
  • The removal of dust, odour, smoke, dust and airborne bacteria via the fans within your ventilation system

The correct ventilation is essential when it comes to a facility that houses living creatures. Fans provide the air flow required to limit the build-up of carbon dioxide as well as the associated contaminants.

Fans are used as parts of vital ventilation systems in a multitude of different building types:

  • Residential buildings – Fans are used to provide the circulation of air within an area to help reduce the perceived temperature of the room
  • Commercial buildings – Fans used to assist in the flow of air for the purpose of cooling equipment, workplaces and maintaining the air quality of a section
  • Storage buildings – Maintain air quality to increase longevity of stored goods

In addition to fans there are several additional components that contribute to the maintenance quality air. These are blowers and evaporators.

These fans and blowers are all used for the movement of air to transfer heat from one place to another. An evaporator is used to absorb the heat from inside a closed cabin to reduce the internal temperature and humidity.


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