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Automotive Refrigerant

Refrigerant plays an important part in the world of today. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the refrigerant in your vehicle was bought from a reputable supplier as there are many companies who sells counterfeit gases. MACSauto distributes a range of refrigerants, including R134A, R22 ,507, 404, and 410. This is where Refrigerant analyzers come into the picture. The mini, hand-held and practical ID Refrigerant Identifier is perfect for this task, which is the ultimate identifier for R134a refrigerant. We are all aware that you need Refrigerant for air conditioner units in motor vehicles. The cost-effective Mini ID Refrigerant Identifier is there to assist and to detect the presence and also the quality of the R134a refrigerant that is found in the air conditioners of motor vehicles, and will assist in preventing any future damage to any air conditioning equipment and warranty problems due to damage by counterfeit refrigerant.   The benefits of the Refrigerant identifier is that

  • It will ensure accurate and fast analysis
  • It is self-contained, portable and also compact
  • This is an extremely user-friendly unit
  • Keeps equipment safe and prevents damage through prevention of refrigerant contamination

The Ultima ID HVAC

  • This is the most advanced A/C service tool that is used as a refrigerant identifier
  • It is light-weight and easy to use
  • It has its own printer in order to make the refrigerant billing process easier
  • The pack is rechargeable
  • This tool is designed to identify the R410a blend of refrigerant and also other types of refrigerants
  • You will be able to avoid expensive cross contamination

The NeutronicsUltima ID makes full use of dispersive infrared technology in order to determine the different weights and concentration levels of refrigerants such as R12 , R134a, R22, and hydrocarbons.

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